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The international advocate company Arzinger and Partners was founded in 1990 in Berlin. The partners offices are in Russia, Czech Republic, Belorus and Turkey.

Creating international network of offices in Eastern Europe contributed to the expansion of the companys activities. As we cooperate with other law companies it is possible to represent our clients interests and settle legal disputes in Poland, Baltic states and Romania. Besides we have close ties with attorneys from the USA and other countries.

Our offices specialize in providing various companies with legal support for their commercial activities. We have really many years experience in the following areas: real estate business; taxation; representing our clients interests in court and arbitration; legal backing in creation of Joint Ventures; settling legal disputes of foreign citizens in international commercial activities.

The unique feature of our company is that every specialist carries out various activities: holding seminars, presenting reports, publishing, including such topics as real estate, mergers and takovers issues, in periodicals and scientific journals in the countries of our presence. We published a book about Russian and Ukrainian economic law, as well as some brochures on the investment law for Hungarian and other foreign companies in Germany. Occasionally we issue our legislative review. 

The Offices of the Network

Sale of Two Largest Belarusian Banks to Foreign Investors

By the decision of the Belarusian government the largest Belarusian banks BPS-Bank and Belinvestbank will be sold to foreign investors in 2008.   more info...

On Some Issues of Taxes, Duties and Rent Charges Payment

According to Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus 145 On Some Issues of Payment of Taxes, Duties, Rent Charge and Submission of Tax Declaration (Calculations) of March 6, 2008, terms of payment of some taxes, duties, rent charge and submission of declarations will change in Belarus from April 1, 2008.   more info...

Support of the Entities that Attract Foreign Investments

Edict 168 On Some Measures of Realization of the Investment Projects Financed at the Expense of External State Loans (Credits) implies rendering state support to those enterprises which involve external state loans for realization of investment projects.   more info...