Support for Investment, Building and Real Estate Activities

“Arzinger and Partners” provide legal support to investment projects, including the sphere of construction and real estate which includes development of various investment variants, risk assessment and documents preparation. The specialists of “Arzinger and Partners” offer legal services in the following areas: 
  • Developing and formalizing non-standard legal and financial schemes (considering peculiarities of taxation) of cooperation between the participants in construction (including housing premises), as well as preparing the complex of contracts (investment contracts, contracts of share in shared construction, building contract, contract for design work, technological connection of a building under construction to electric network).
  • Complex legal support for real estate business (purchase and alienation of buildings, facilities, land plots), also including participation of foreign organizations.
  • Advisory service on the issues connected with carrying out building and associated types of activities, including licensing some types of activities, providing land plots for construction.
  • Defending the rights and owners’ interests protected by law, or of other legal owners of immovable property, also in legal form, with the help of the whole range of means for protecting the right of ownership and other interests in estate: vindication, restitution of property rights, eliminating infringements which are not connected with deprivation of possession, recognition of the right for immovable property.