Support for Economical Activities of Business (contract, tax

The best guarantee for a stable development of business is a competent legal support for its economical activities. “Arzinger and Partners” provide services in the sphere of contract, customs, exchange and labor law in the following areas:
  • Developing financial and legal schemes for optimal cooperation between the particiopants of contractual relationship including preparation and legal analysis of wide range of contracts.
  • Representing clients’ interests during negotiations.
  • Developing and implementing effective defense measures for participants of contractual relationship in legal or non-juridical form if counterparties violate their obligations under contracts using not only preventive measures but also measures which guarantee restoration of the situation existing before the breach of law. 
  • Identifying optimal customs regime during import of goods to the customs territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Calculating customs value of goods, estimating the amount of duty.
  • Optimizing customs duties, including the use of mechanisms of VAT exemption which is taken when goods are imported into Russian customs territory.
  • Advisory service on burning issues of the existing Russian legislation concerning exchange control and regulation which arise while executing foreign-trade contract and carrying out investment projects in Russia. 
  • Defending residents’ and non-residents’ interests when they are called to account for violation of the exchange law.
  • Advisory service on the burning issues of the law of employment including the ones concerning employment of foreign workers.
  • Defending the rights and interests of participants of employment relations protected by law.
  • Advisory service on the issues of copyright protection.
  • Developing and implementing schemes for defending patentowner’s interests, also in legal form.