Support for Business in the Sphere of Corporate Relationship

The specialists from Arzinger and Partners provide legal support for business in the sphere of corporate relationships in the following areas:
  • Developing and implementing optimal legal and financial scheme of contractual legal relations between participants in the holding.
  • Developing and implementing legal protection schemes for organizations and stockholders rights and interests from a hostile takeover, including not only preventive measures, but also mechanisms for retrieving the situation which existed before the law was violated.
  • Developing and implementing schemes of legal protection for companys interests during an internal corporate conflict of founders interests (also defence in the court).
  • Legal support for establishment and reorganization of juridical persons of various business legal structures, including associated companies of foreign organizations, establishing representative offices, subsidiaries of foreign legal persons which also includes development and legal review of constituent instruments, representing clients interests in registring authorities.
  • Legal support for organizations management bodies, including the analysis of their authority, preparing and holding general stockholders (participants) meetings, meetings of the board of directors.
  • Legal support for securities issue including the representation of issuers interests, preparing issuers reports, recovery and arrangements for keeping a register of securities owners.
  • Legal review of resolutions adopted by an authority in charge of an organization (also  the authorities which include state representatives).
  • Legal review of privatization projects for state and municipal property.